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Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Treatment Geelong


Dr Mark Scriven has been treating this condition for over 20 years with various mandibular advancement splints (MAS). In more recent years he has mainly used the SomnoDent appliance for its superior comfort, quality of construction, ease of adjustability and proven clinical success. We prefer the patient to see their medical practitioner firstly for a general health check and obtain a referral for a sleep study (claimable with Medicare) to assess the seriousness of their problem.

Severe sleep apnoea is best treated by CPAP (mask) therapy, while mild to moderate apnoea is well suited to oral appliance therapy (SomnoDent). Impressions are taken of the upper and lower teeth, with a bite registration and sent to the laboratory to make up the custom made SomnoDent. 2 weeks later we fit and adjust the appliance and give instructions on cleaning and care. A third appointment usually follows in 2 weeks once the patient has become used to wearing the device, to check that they are sleeping well and feeling better and their symptoms have dissipated. In the next 12 months a further sleep study may be needed to be sure that the SomnoDent is effective in treating their sleep apnoea.

Most patients report that they wake in the morning feeling more refreshed , with less daytime tiredness, have more energy and can concentrate better. Their partners are also happy that they no longer snore, so their sleep quality is improved as well.

Further information on the SomnoDent device can be found at www.somnomed.com.au