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Teeth Whitening Belmont

Teeth whitening iconTeeth can lose their natural whiteness over time due to ageing, daily consumption of dark coloured beverages such as red wine and coffee, smoking, and a lack of oral hygiene. To help reduce the discolouration that these things cause to your teeth, make sure that you brush and floss straight after eating or drinking things that may have a staining effect on your mouth. Of course there is only so much we can do to avoid our teeth becoming stained and getting teeth whitening in Belmont, Geelong is a fantastic way to bring your teeth back to their bright and beautiful natural shade.

Belmont Dental Group specialises in “at home” Belmont teeth whitening treatment that involves your dentist creating a special custom made mouth tray that’s moulded perfectly to the shape of your upper and lower rows of teeth to ensure an even distribution of whitening. Each night, you fill the trays with a whitening formula which then gives a whiter shade to your teeth each night while you sleep!

The advantage of tray bleaching method is that the whitening is done gradually (between 2 – 10 days) which causes less sensitivity issues than laser whitening, is more affordable and often yields a more satisfactory result.

Teeth whitening can be a great idea if you have a special event coming up such as a wedding, job interview, a first date or you simply just want a whiter, more youthful smile. Why not give our friendly receptionists in Belmont a call today to find out more information.